Pup-Eez Dog Training is dedicated to providing quality programs which contribute to your dog's safety and build a mutually rewarding companionship using effective and motivational techniques. Pup-Eez Dog Training programs are developed to assist you in real-life situations. Learn how to achieve reliable responses through the use of positive reinforcement which works incredibly well. Communication is strengthened with well timed praise and a variety of rewards to promote reliability....

"Approaching perfection by rewarding improvement"... Karen Pryor ... Don't Shoot the Dog...

Joy Oja

Joy Oja has been passionately teaching owners how to train their dogs since 1990. Joy started her dog training career as an apprentice in 1989. At that same time Joy sought employment with a veterinary clinic to learn how illness could impact behaviour. Joy started her own dog training company Pup-Eez Dog Training in 1993. Joy is a founding member and served on the executive board of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers.

Joy had the great fortune to assist Dr. Ian Dunbar with his lectures at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Ian Dunbar is the pioneer introducing positive reinforcement training to Canada. His methodology and techniques are widely used around the world.

Joy continues attending conferences, seminars and lectures which feature speakers from all over the globe.

Joy has been featured in the Toronto Star as well as numerous doggy magazines and local GTA news letters. She has participated in the “Ask The Veterinarian” / “Ask The Trainer” television call in show. Participants of Pup-Eez Dog Training as well as Joy and staff were featured on CBC News. You can also see Joy and former clients on the “Life With Pets” television series.

Joy is dedicated to providing quality training programs in her classes as well as in your home with the emphasis on temperament and safety.