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Canine Companion I

This program lays the foundation essential to every canine companion.

Our beginner class teaches you how to communicate with your faithful friend. Your dog’s reliability increases with each success. Using a building block approach to training, both you and your dog are set up for success.

Verbal commands and hand signals are used throughout the program. Exercises such as settle down, walking on leash, sit/down/stand stay, coming when called, sitting from a distance and the command “off” (no paws or jaws) are introduced at this level. Your pup will learn how to settle down while surrounded by their buddies during the question and answer segment of class and during the demonstrations provided before each exercise. We also provide a list of establishments you can take your pup/dog to practice the “settle down” to increase social skills and easily accept new environments. Your dog will always be welcome back when good manners are displayed. The settle down exercise will be one of your favourites. It is truly a must for anyone with a new pup or dog. You will be showered with compliments.

Our socialization (puppy playtime) segment is certainly a favourite part of the program. Great care is taken to group the pups according to size but most importantly – temperament. There have been occasions where a large breed pup is grouped with the small dogs to promote confidence around other dogs. In other cases we have grouped a smaller dog with the larger pups as they genuinely prefer the exuberant play.

Every dog who comes through our classes must feel confident and happy to be there.

Individual attention is a priority at Pup-Eez. Each pup moves forward at its own pace.



Canine Companion II

This program has proven to be a favourite at Pup-Eez as owners are continually impressed by their faithful friends.

The intermediate class is designed to provide you with the skills to enhance your dogs reliability. Now that both owner and dog have the foundation, we can begin to focus on developing reliable responses with distractions. A variety of distractions are introduced at this level to heighten your dog’s performance. Our canine companions do require distraction training so they can learn to hear your commands while distracted. This course is essential to your dog’s safety and your peace of mind. Exercises such as heeling, sit/down at a distance, out of sight commands, the introduction of distractions to sit/down stay and coming when called and more. Our goal is to teach your dog to understand the words so as to eliminate confusion. One example is the sit command. Many of us believe our dog understands the word sit, however when asked to “sit” from the down position, many dogs are quite confused. This actually means your dog does not understand the “word” sit. You will see increased reliability when your dog understands the words.

Other dogs will prove to be a major distraction for your dog. We take full advantage of our situation during this course. Our puppy participants will be strategically set up in various common scenarios to distract your dog. When possible we will also invite new dogs from other classes for added fun. We will demonstrate fun and exciting techniques which will assist your dog to continue to respond to you. Most importantly, dogs must be successful so they can learn. Each exercise at Pup-Eez is developed so both owner and dog are successful. Individual attention is a priority at Pup-Eez. Each dog moves forward at its own pace.



"The Great Outdoors"

The advanced level is held exclusively outdoors. This course is designed to teach you how to train your dog to respond to you from a distance. Various locations are selected according to the lesson plan. You will learn how to convert distractions into reinforcements.

To maximize your dog’s safety and to build owners confidence this class focuses on coming when called, sit/down stay, sitting from a distance and walking on leash.

Common distractions we encounter are birds, other dogs walking and/or jogging with their owners, joggers, bikes, skateboards, strollers, and sometimes a very brave squirrel. When your dog is busy observing, listening and / or sniffing any of the above distractions, you will learn how to teach your pup to hear your command as well as respond from a distance.
It is quite impressive to observe the rate of response increase as this course progresses.

Our sit/down stay exercise is used frequently during the course. To ensure safety for all, when a biker or jogger is passing through, all of the dogs must go to a stay command. The dogs line up side by side or will group together and wait until their owners give them the okay to move. This is always such a proud moment for all as the biker or jogger gives a heartfelt “thank you” to the group. Many heads have turned and many smiles given to our outdoor classes. It is remarkable how a solid sit/down stay can positively affect those who are unsure of our faithful friends.


Sitting at a distance is an exercise we include in all our programs. We also incorporate the stay right from the beginner program. Our goal is for your dog to “sit and stay” the instant the command is given regardless of where you are and where your dog is. This is our safety command. When a dog can respond to sit and stay under any circumstances such as distance and distractions, this is a safe dog. The advanced course will develop your dogs listening skills.

Individual attention is a priority at Pup-Eez. Each dog moves forward at its own pace.



In-Home Family Instruction

Some of those “normal and natural” doggie behaviours such as barking, housetraining, jumping up, puppy biting (mouthing) and so on, occur only when your dog is at home.

Pup-Eez offers an effective alternative.

In-home instruction provides the opportunity to observe and implement a treatment program. Teaching pups / dogs how to be confident, comfortable and quiet in the crate is a common exercise owners request during private lessons. Housetraining will take much less time to achieve and your dog will be safe when you are not at home.

Behaviours such as chewing and separation anxiety will not have the opportunity to take root. Everyday life runs much smoother for all.

If you are unable to attend classes, in-home training serves as a convenient option. As this is one on one training, fewer lessons are required to complete the equivalent of a program. Lessons will be tailored according to the individual owners needs.

In-home family instruction is available throughout the GTA including Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington.




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 Joy offers boarding in her home to small dogs only.

 Your dog will receive incredible amounts of exercise,  hugs and kisses. We will follow your dog’s daily  schedule to preserve their home routines. All of our  boarding clients, to date, cuddle with Joy on the  couch and sleep on the bed. We usually have only  one boarding client at a time however if your family  has more than one small dog we would be happy to  accommodate at a reduced rate. Joy will bring your  small dog to classes for puppy play time as it can be a  challenge to find play groups just for small dogs. We will often visit conservation areas in Milton for year round hiking and swimming in the summer months. It is rewarding to observe all our visitors bond with Joy’s dog “Billie” almost instantly. We offer a new home away from home.

Cost: $ 75 / Day


  • I was introduced to Joy's training by a client in 1992. Over 15 years of practice I had never seen such results in young animals. The combination of Joy's personality, patience and technique leads to a learning experience for her clients and a well trained pet.
    Dr. Greg Usher, Usher Animal Hospital

  • Clear and organized... pleasant and fascinating classes -- great fun!
    Bill Cameron, Toronto News Broadcaster

  • Joy is a new breed of trainer, using the Dunbar Method... trust is built by noticing and rewarding good behaviour.
    The Toronto Star

  • I feel very fortunate our veterinarian recommended Pup-Eez so highly when we were looking for a puppy class. You are very skilled, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you again.
    Sarah & "Jack"

  • Bailey says, "Thank you for all you have taught my owner. She is improving everyday. You are a wonderful teacher. Your love of dogs is obvious and you are terrific with each and every one of us. You are even patient with our owners. We all look forward to the next level."
    Love, "Bailey" (Natalie & Paul, too)

  • My experience with Pup-Eez was with our 4-month-old Rottweiler, Baron. As an instructor, Joy was extremely knowledgeable, motivating and helpful. Baron went on to complete the Intermediate Program and attained a St. John's Therapy Dog certificate.
    Jacqueline Kennedy

  • Jennifer and I would like to express our gratitude to you and your staff at Pup-Eez. Being first time dog owners we were in over our heads selecting a rare and temperamental breed. Thanks to you and your staff's patience and dedication, we have raised a puppy that is obedient and a joy in our home. Best of all, you genuinely enjoyed helping us. Thank you all.
    Eddy, Jennifer and "Jin Jin"

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 Therapy Dog Congrats!


We just had 6 more of our graduates accepted to the St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog Program.

“Balfour”, “Rita” and “Cheyenne” are featured in the Spring 2012 Newsletter “Bark & Post” – Congratulations!! (Click to Download PDF)

“Roxi” , “Poydras” and “Nessie” from our 2011 Etobicoke class are also graduates.  Everyone at Pup-Eez is very proud.