Pup-Eez Dog Training is dedicated to providing quality programs which contribute to your dog's safety and build a mutually rewarding companionship using effective and motivational techniques. Pup-Eez Dog Training programs are developed to assist you in real-life situations. Learn how to achieve reliable responses through the use of positive reinforcement which works incredibly well. Communication is strengthened with well timed praise and a variety of rewards to promote reliability...."Approaching perfection by rewarding improvement"... Karen Pryor... Don't Shoot the Dog.


Joy offers boarding in her home. Your dog will receive incredible amounts of exercise, hugs and kisses. We will follow your dog’s daily schedule to preserve their home routines. All of our boarding clients, to date, cuddle with Joy on the couch and sleep on the bed. We usually have only one boarding client at a time however if your family has more than one dog we would be happy to accommodate. Joy will bring your small dog to classes for puppy play time as it can be a challenge to find play groups just for small dogs. We will often visit conservation areas in Milton for year round hiking and swimming in the summer months. It is rewarding to observe all our visitors bond with Joy’s dog “Billie” almost instantly. We offer a new home away from home. Cost: $ 75 / Day

In-Home Family Instruction

Some of those “normal and natural” doggie behaviours such as barking, housetraining, jumping up, puppy biting (mouthing) and so on, occur only when your dog is at home. Pup-Eez offers an effective alternative. In-home instruction provides the opportunity to observe and implement a treatment program. Teaching pups / dogs how to be confident, comfortable and quiet in the crate is a common exercise owners request during private lessons. Housetraining will take much less time to achieve and your dog will be safe when you are not at home. Behaviours such as chewing and separation anxiety will not have the opportunity to take root. Everyday life runs much smoother for all. If you are unable to attend classes, in-home training serves as a convenient option. As this is one on one training, fewer lessons are required to complete the equivalent of a program. Lessons will be tailored according to the individual owners needs. In-home family instruction is available throughout the GTA including Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington.