Joy Oja

Joy Oja has been passionately teaching people how to train their dogs for over 23 years. Joy started her dog training career as an apprentice in 1989. At that same time Joy sought employment with a veterinary clinic to learn how illness could impact behaviour. Joy started her own dog training company Pup-Eez Dog Training in 1993. Joy is a founding member and served on the executive board of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers.

Joy had the great fortune to assist Dr. Ian Dunbar with his lectures at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Ian Dunbar is the pioneer introducing positive reinforcement training to Canada. His methodology and techniques are widely used around the world.

Joy continues attending conferences, seminars and lectures which feature speakers from all over the globe.

Joy has been featured in the Toronto Star as well as numerous doggy magazines and local GTA news letters. She has participated in the “Ask The Veterinarian” / “Ask The Trainer” television call in show. Participants of Pup-Eez Dog Training as well as Joy and staff were featured on CBC News. You can also see Joy and former clients on the “Life With Pets” television series.

Joy is dedicated to providing quality training programs in her classes as well as in your home with the emphasis on temperament and safety.

Sherry Kennedy

Sherry Kennedy has been working with Pup-Eez since 2005. She is the head assistant and co-instructor at the Etobicoke location.

Sherry also instructs her own dog training classes in Etobicoke . She is an avid reader, attends seminars and conferences to keep up to date with the latest information and new techniques. Sherry teaches trick training classes which also includes props to promote confidence. We receive tremendous feedback from clients who use Sherry’s in-home training services. Sherry is an incredibly generous person. Pup-Eez Dog Training is grateful to have such a compassionate competent trainer.

Diane Pritchard

Diane is our newest addition to Pup-Eez starting in 2009 however has extensive knowledge and experience working with animals as a Veterinary Technician for over 25 years. Diane provided mini seminars for the clients of the clinic for new dog owners with very young puppies discussing topics such as handling, mouthing, etc.

Diane has a wall of certificates ranging from Canine Behaviour, Emergency Medicine, Radiology, Nutririon, and Dentistry to name a few.
Diane was a volunteer at the Toronto Wildlife Centre. She also participated in a spay/neuter program for street dogs in Colon, Peru with Veterinarians Without Borders.

Diane often spearheads food drives, money / toy donations for various rescue organizations. Diane is a genuinely kind person. We are very lucky she has chosen to be a part of Pup-Eez.

Keith Rooney

Keith is an assistant with Pup-Eez Dog Training.  We approached Keith with the possibility of working with us as we saw tremendous potential.  At the time Keith enrolled “Barney” a 5 month old German Shepherd in our classes and later we found out this was not his pup but that he was helping his long time friend as she was physically unable.  We observed his dog training skills and people skills as he was very friendly and always ready to help others.   These are two traits which are crucial for a successful dog training school.   Keith has been working with Pup-Eez since 2007.  He also runs a daycare facility for pups/dogs and provides boarding. We have had countless good times looking at photos Keith has taken of the dogs boarding in his home.  We at Pup-Eez are so appreciative to have Keith as part of our team.  AKA “The Treat Guy”  Keith always has the very best home made treats on hand.  He is very popular with the pups!

Chrisie Park-Aikin

Chrisie is an invaluable assistant at Pup-Eez.  She started with us in 2007 and has flourished as a dog handler.  Chrisie provides the demonstrations with the pups / dogs in the class so owners have a visual for each exercise.  Even the most timid of pups will work with Chrisie.  It is a special attribute.  Chrisie is involved with canine nutrition and keeps us up to date with the latest information.  We are very fortunate to have Chrisie assisting our classes.  All staff members look forward to working with Chrisie.


  • I was introduced to Joy's training by a client in 1992. Over 15 years of practice I had never seen such results in young animals. The combination of Joy's personality, patience and technique leads to a learning experience for her clients and a well trained pet.
    Dr. Greg Usher, Usher Animal Hospital

  • Clear and organized... pleasant and fascinating classes -- great fun!
    Bill Cameron, Toronto News Broadcaster

  • Joy is a new breed of trainer, using the Dunbar Method... trust is built by noticing and rewarding good behaviour.
    The Toronto Star

  • I feel very fortunate our veterinarian recommended Pup-Eez so highly when we were looking for a puppy class. You are very skilled, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you again.
    Sarah & "Jack"

  • Bailey says, "Thank you for all you have taught my owner. She is improving everyday. You are a wonderful teacher. Your love of dogs is obvious and you are terrific with each and every one of us. You are even patient with our owners. We all look forward to the next level."
    Love, "Bailey" (Natalie & Paul, too)

  • My experience with Pup-Eez was with our 4-month-old Rottweiler, Baron. As an instructor, Joy was extremely knowledgeable, motivating and helpful. Baron went on to complete the Intermediate Program and attained a St. John's Therapy Dog certificate.
    Jacqueline Kennedy

  • Jennifer and I would like to express our gratitude to you and your staff at Pup-Eez. Being first time dog owners we were in over our heads selecting a rare and temperamental breed. Thanks to you and your staff's patience and dedication, we have raised a puppy that is obedient and a joy in our home. Best of all, you genuinely enjoyed helping us. Thank you all.
    Eddy, Jennifer and "Jin Jin"

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 Therapy Dog Congrats!


We just had 6 more of our graduates accepted to the St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog Program.

“Balfour”, “Rita” and “Cheyenne” are featured in the Spring 2012 Newsletter “Bark & Post” – Congratulations!! (Click to Download PDF)

“Roxi” , “Poydras” and “Nessie” from our 2011 Etobicoke class are also graduates.  Everyone at Pup-Eez is very proud.