Pup-Eez Dog Training is dedicated to providing quality programs which contribute to your dog's safety and build a mutually rewarding companionship using effective and motivational techniques. Pup-Eez Dog Training programs are developed to assist you in real-life situations. Learn how to achieve reliable responses through the use of positive reinforcement which works incredibly well. Communication is strengthened with well timed praise and a variety of rewards to promote reliability...."Approaching perfection by rewarding improvement"... Karen Pryor... Don't Shoot the Dog.

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Every dog is unique. Your dog's temperament is our number one priority. Many of our graduates have moved on to St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dog Program which we are so very proud of. Our mission is to guide owners through the process of developing their dog's temperament so they can become confident, happy and welcome members of the family...

Available Courses and other Services

Here you will find a description of our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses as well as other services provided such as In-home training and Boarding. Individual attention is a priority at Pup-Eez Dog Training.  Classes are limited to 6 dogs in all our programs

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Pup-Eez Courses

View all the available future programs as well as a brief description of what each course entails with expected curriculum.

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