Pup-Eez Dog Training is dedicated to providing quality programs which contribute to your dog's safety and build a mutually rewarding companionship using effective and motivational techniques. Pup-Eez Dog Training programs are developed to assist you in real-life situations. Learn how to achieve reliable responses through the use of positive reinforcement which works incredibly well. Communication is strengthened with well timed praise and a variety of rewards to promote reliability....

"Approaching perfection by rewarding improvement"... Karen Pryor ... Don't Shoot the Dog...

Available Courses and other Services

Here you will find a description of our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses as well as other services provided such as In-home training and Boarding. Individual attention is a priority at Pup-Eez Dog Training.  Classes are limited to 6 dogs in all our programs

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Pup-Eez Courses

View all the available future programs as well as a brief description of what each course entails with expected curriculum.

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