Pup-Eez Dog Training is dedicated to providing quality programs which contribute to your dog's safety and build a mutually rewarding companionship using effective and motivational techniques. Pup-Eez Dog Training programs are developed to assist you in real-life situations. Learn how to achieve reliable responses through the use of positive reinforcement which works incredibly well. Communication is strengthened with well timed praise and a variety of rewards to promote reliability....

"Approaching perfection by rewarding improvement"... Karen Pryor ... Don't Shoot the Dog...


"‚ÄčI was introduced to Joy's training by a client in 1992. Over 15 years of practice I had never seen such results in young animals. The combination of Joy's personality, patience and technique leads to a learning experience for her clients and a well trained pet."

Dr. Greg Usher

"Dear Joy, While I sit here and watch our sweet Coby playing, I thought I'd take a moment to jot you a note of thanks. Joy - you and Nadia, Sherry, Keith ... all of you have been so wonderful over the past year. It was exactly 12 months ago that Coby joined our family .. and it wasnt long before I was in touch with you (long before we'd even started classes) because I was afraid she was aggressive. That makes me laugh now of course. You sent Etsuko over .. she was wonderful - and our journey began.Since then we've had such fun, and learned so much in your classes (certainly as much as Coby). You so clearly adore our dogs - the cute ones, the wall-flowers, the naughty few ... when they do their homework and when their parents have been slacking off ... you have brought respect, knowledge, experience, humour and such warmth to our Saturday mornings. Coby is a GREAT dog and a fabulous member of our family. That is of course - in a big way - thanks to you and your team. We're looking forward to May and the "advanced training".Have a great holiday season. You've sure earned it."

Chris, Bev and Coby